Alexandre Victorino Film Services | Latest Work of the Leading Player in Production Services in Portugal
Checkout some of the latest work of Alexandre Victorino Film Services. 25 year in Business! Based in Lisbon working exclusively for international clients. Working as Fixer, Local Producer, Location Manager on several international projects.
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Film Fund Luxembourg | Film -  "Rusty Boys”  Location -  Guincho, Cascais Portugal   I was involved and my services hired in a Feature film, supported by the Fonds National de Soutien à la Production Audiovisuelle. Rusty Boys -  Film Fund Luxembourg, produced by Paul Thiltges Distributions, decided to come...

Pretty Ballerinas Spain  |  2017 Summer Catalog  Location - Lisbon Region, Portugal   An amazing Project! This time the goal was to make the charmest Summer stills Catalog, with a well known and beautiful international surf athlete. AV Film Services was able to combine the power of waves in Guincho beach, with the...