Production Services

Location Services

Alexandre Victorino Film Services Location Services

AV Film Services deals with all permit asking, regarding the location or the production demands, an creates an open channel with the Portuguese authorities. AV Film Services has full respect over private ones, because it increases success of the shooting. I have been working like that for the past several years, and this allowed me to maintain the doors open for newcomers to arrive and do the same.

AV Film Services offers a variety of the best Portugal Filming locations. From mountain type, country side landscapes to the pleasant southern beaches. All within 4 hours distance from Lisbon airport.

Having Lisbon ́s airport at the center, I can find Mediterranean type landscapes such as beaches, or a Northern Europe landscape type. Forest, or wheat fields. References are supplied over demand.

AV Film Services can send a vast database of pictures, and make location scouting to find the unique set. This makes all the diference.


Art Department

Alexandre Victorino Film Services Art Department

AV Film Services has been working for the past several years with the Top Production Designers, Art Directors, Set Dressers, Car Handlers, Prop Masters and several other sorts of Art Input professionals that Portugal has to offer

Therefore working in the business for a long period of time, allowed to create a very good and trustworthy connection with all of them. Resulting in an amazing team and work environment, that subsequently reflects it’s self in the finishing project.

You name it, AV Film Services makes sure artists will follow and will create something beautiful together.



 Camera Light & Grip

Cameras & Grips for filming

Portugal is very well updated regarding film equipment material. It’s easy and accessible to acquire state of the arte cameras, light, grips all sort of filming accessories. 

Because AV Film Services has the right connections and partnerships, all type of filming equipment can be provide

Above all, AV Film Services is clear and honest with the suppliers and that establishes a very good partnership with them. 

AV Film Services arranges the the best deals in the business, maintaining the budget for your filming project.



Film Services in Lisbon Portugal

The heart of a successful production are the people involved in it, therefore they have to be valued the most.

AV Film Services provides production crews, as well of all elements required according to the client request.

Independently of the size of the project and the budget involved. From a 5 person crew for a low budget project or a 200 or more person crew for a major production.

The mission is to provide a creative and adjusted solution for all type of film production needs.

AV Film Services provides: Makeup Artists, Special Effects, Hairdressers, Stunts, Professional Drivers, Parkour Athletes. All of these professionals are on my contact list, and are my industry colleagues.

They have all worked with AV Film Services with several clients and on different kinds of projects.

AV Film Services works by building strong bridges between departments and is responsible for guiding people to a common goal. We work together like a crew on a ship, travelling from one point to another.

All members have there responsibilities within the project, but always working together to reach the final destination, in stormy weather conditions or not.

As a result, AV Film Services provides the best productions services in Portugal.

 Transports, Transfers & Vehicles

Transports, Transfers and Vehicles to film in Portugal

Av Film Services works with the best Film Production orientated Car Rental Company, as a result, I made my clientes always have the best mini vans, luxury cars, pick-ups and day to day transports.

I can certainly guarantee the best rate and professionalism in the car rental business. All types of vehicles can be presented and will be available under a full insurance coverage.

From drivers, drivers/PA’s all can be provided. From different countries and speaking different languages, such as English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, etc.

Makeup Vans and Trailers can be also provided, even classic cars or military tanks can be arranged.


 Hotels & Accommodation

Alexandre Victorino Film Services Hotels & Accommodations

AV Film Services provides a variety of options, according to the projects demands. All type of accommodations can be arranged, based on the needs and personal taste of my clients.

Consequently, I make sure my clients feel at home when they work with us. You name it, all type of options can be provided.

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