Location Services

I can offer a wide variety of locations to film. From mountain type, country side landscapes to the pleasant southern beaches. All within 4 hours distance from Lisbon airport.

Art Department

Top Production Designers, Art Directors, Set Dresser, Car Handler, Prop Master. AV Film services establishes a great communication channel between all involved departments.

Cameras, Lights & Grip

Being clear and honest, to my suppliers, allowed mr to create over the years a good business relation with them. Has a result, good partnerships and the best deals can be made.


From Makeup Artists, Special Effects, Hairdressers, Stunts, Professional Drivers, Parkour Athletes. All of these professionals are on my contact list, and are my industry colleagues.

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The Mission is to offer creative and adjusted solutions for all type of production needs.

And To Provide The Best Film And Production Services in Portugal

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find. Now that you are here, check out our services , some of AV Film Services work and also the amazing filming locations Portugal has to offer.

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AV Film Services – Work

AV Film Services offers creative and adjusted solutions for all your film production needs.

The Best Film Production Services In Portugal

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