Confessions of Felix Krull

Confessions of Felix Krull | July, 2020


Client – Bavaria FilmProduktion


Founded in 1909, and being one of the oldest and major film production company in Europe, Bavaria FilmProduktion, came to produce the adaptation for cinema of the novel by the Literature Nobel award winning writer, Thomas Mann “Confessions of Felix Krull”,  –  Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull in it’s original title, and it tells the tale of Felix changing identities with a Count. 

That takes him to travel threw several countries around Europe, and since Portugal has an important part where the story develops, Bavaria FilmProduktion decided to come to Portugal, and shoot on location a few important scenes.

Above all, the mission of AV Film Services is to offer creative and adjusted solutions for all type of production needs. And even more, to provide the Best Film And Production Services in Portugal!

As a result of that, we where contacted and hired to do the Line Producing and to provide Local Services. And an amazing working flow started between the two companies where we where able to achieve the finest result.

All the amazing work came to fruition after three months, on a two day shooting, in 4 different locations, with almost  80 people on set, between German and the Portuguese crew.

Following strict hygiene and a COVID 19 prevention protocol, all the scenes were made and shot in a dynamic organised way, and with a great overall mood.

You can checkout some behind the scenes photographs of the shooting in some amazing locations arranged by AV Film Services.