COVID – 19 Protocol

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❗️A Statement for our Clients Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

AV Film Services based on the recommendations of the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health DGS, together with the several producers associations, came to establish a guideline COVID19 protocol to be followed during this crisis.

Please note that this document may be subject to change, whenever there are guidelines from health crisis the Portuguese Government that have an impact on the situations covered here.

AV services are now based on the following prevention directories based on the above.

We ask you all your understanding and common sense to sustain and support the given measures.

Only all together we can defeat the virus.


  • Preferably 25 to 30 people on set, however it may come to be 100 people depending on the size and characteristics of the set.


  • All people to wear masks and gloves, make-up and Wardrobe wear both mask and face shield.

  • Regularly wash or disinfect the hands, alcohol gel, and disinfection solutions are permanently available on set.

  • Each crew member has it ́s own disinfection flask, and all equipment’s held are disinfected before and after each use.

  • Removing the mask or the gloves, only if necessary Actors only remove their masks during the action.

  • Temperature control is made on arrival and departure of the set, and regularly over the shooting.

  • There will be a isolation room on set, if a case come to be detected ,for the patient to wait for health support.

Equipment Camera, light and Grip

  • All equipment’s to be used are provided by the rental companies, with a previous disinfection, as the vans and trucks to be used.

  • During the shooting the equipment is disinfected on a regularly base, the technicians.

  • The equipment is only to be held by the technicians and preferably there should be a monitor for the Director, DOP, AD, Art and production department in order to maintain the safety distances,2 meters minimum.

  • Micros are to disinfect and are individual.

  • All equipment providers is asked a disinfection warranty.

Make Up, Hair

  • The Make Up and Hair van are disinfected before use, and the MU and Hair artist use mandatorily a face shield and a mask.

  • Gloves are to be wear, and all instruments are disinfected, and of used individually on each actor.


  • To avoid Fittings, but if to be made, they’re made remotely by zoom or other platform.

  • All clothes are washed over 60ºC before use and packed for each character that will use it.

  • Actors and stunts can’t use the same clothes.

 Props & Art Department

  • A monitor is also provided to the art crew,in order to keep the distances and avoiding direct contact.

  • All sets are clean and sterilised before use by a special crew, as all props to be on set.

  • All crew members are provided with masks, alcohol gel individually.


  • The meals are divided in shifts ,of 30 minutes each.

  • All lunches are provided individually in lunch boxes, and if the set allows to cook , all meals are prepared under the COVID 19 prevention protocol.

  • There won’t be catering on set.


  • Car rental is also assured by a previous disinfection method.

  • All hotels referred are assured by the “Clean & Safe” status the rooms are disinfected and left for a 3 day period without a rental.